Introducing GojiAir
Caring For Our Environment Through Ground-Breaking Technology
Pollution has a profoundly detrimental impact on our health and performance and optimising air quality is absolutely crucial.
The NCCO technology within GojiAir improves not only our health but also our physical and cognitive performance simultaneously.
The cleaner the air, the better the performance and GojiAir provides this.

The devastating reality of air pollution

Deaths from outdoor pollution
Deaths from indoor pollution
Of the population live with poor air quality.

*WHO Annual Air Pollution Statistics


Medical-grade purification powered by unique NCCO technology

GojiAir neutralises 99.95% of viruses* and bacteria in homes and in the workplace

The only medical-grade system to use unique NCCO technology

No toxic filters to return to landfill

*including human coronavirus and COVID-19

GojiAir enables work places to operate safely for both staff and customers.

We have solutions for different sized areas to ensure adequate air flow.

GojiAir breaks down a wide range of
pollutants including viruses and bacteria

Pollution & Odours



Safe Air

Dust & Pollen

Richard Dennys
Webgains Ltd

I was looking for an air purification product that would give myself and my team the comfort that they could return back to work safely and would not cost the earth. GojiAir ticks all of those boxes. The technology as I understand it cleans the air of pollution and pollen but also kills viruses and bacteria through sterilising the air and then decomposing harmful substances in the air. As a result I expect my teams’ absentee figures to be lower than before COVID-19 hit us.


The technology is also cheap to run and I very much looking forward to lower energy bills due to not having to have my windows and doors wide open during colder periods – it might even save me money!


My team are now poised and ready to return safely and confidently back to work without wearing masks. All that I need to remember to do is change the medical-grade HEPA filter every 12 months.


Based on the success of introducing GojiAir to the Bristol office I have now ordered multiple systems for our London headquarters.

James McDonnell
TONI&GUY Bristol

Ahead of re-opening our salon with the national lockdown restrictions being eased, we were looking for an added layer of protection for our clients and team members and we came across GojiAir. Their air purification systems tick all the boxes for us and not only filter and clean the air but more importantly catches and kills bacteria and viruses, including human coronavirus and COVID-19.


Our clients and staff happy with the extra steps we have taken as a business and as owners, the system was easy to install and gives us yet another unique selling point which we know other businesses do not have.


GojiAir® helps you to transform your everyday environments into safe spaces by neutralising 99.95% of viruses* and bacteria.

*including human coronavirus and COVID-19

GojiAir® allows you and those in your environment feel safe in the knowledge that of breathing in medical-grade air.


GojiAir® increases productivity, wellbeing and performance.
GojiAir® encourages you to thrive in your indoor environments by efficiently removing airborne pollutants.

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