Delivering Clean
Safe Air
As we re-open Hospitality in the aftermath of Covid 19 ensuring the safest, cleanest environment has never been so important.

Breathe. Think. Work. Play.

Here’s why people keep coming back:


Improving human performance with NCCO technology.

GojiAir’s advanced NCCO technology has been scientifically proven to reduce particulate matter in the air by up to 99% (PM2.5) and up to 95% (PM1) while delivering clean, safe and healthy air to your home or office.


GojiAir removes harmful indoor air pollutants.

GojiAir’s NCCO technology is designed to remove a wide variety of harmful indoor air pollutants including volatile organic compounds VOCs, cooking vapors, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and most importantly, airborne PM2.5 and PM1 particulates.


Using our proprietary Nano-Clean Combustion (NCCO) technology we're able to achieve this level of cleanliness without using any additional chemicals in your air.

GojiAir’s NCCO breaks pollutants down. It converts the damaging Volatile Organic Compounds such as ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone etc. into compounds like water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide which are naturally occurring and not toxic.

The Affordable Answer Is Goji Air​

Pollution has a profoundly detrimental impact on our health and performance and optimising air quality is absolutely crucial.
The NCCO technology within GojiAir improves not only our health but also our physical and cognitive performance simultaneously.
The cleaner the air, the better the performance and GojiAir provides this.

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