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Adequate ventilation in schools is no longer just about preventing airborne viruses like Covid-19. Air pollution is now being recognised as having a far more detrimental on health than was previously acknowledged and is now cited as the fourth major cause of death by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Personal Care

Operators in the personal care industry – including hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo studios were dealt a devastating blow by the recent lockdowns and were amongst the last to be given the go-ahead to reopen.

COVID-19 demonstrated just how transmissible airborne viruses can be, even in the cleanest environments, and now that businesses have re-opened there are many staff and customers still needing re-assurance that they are returning to a safe environment.

Residential Care

COVID-19 and airborne viruses like seasonal flu pose a far greater risk to the elderly, the infirm and the clinically vulnerable. And, while the majority of residential establishments have robust sanitisation routines in place, the pandemic has demonstrated just how transmissible airborne viruses can be, even in the cleanest environments. Add to this that the UK’s increasingly poor air quality means that in many parts of the country it falls below the levels set by the WHO.
Staff and customer confidence were seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the hospitality industry desperately needs to regain lost ground. In striving to achieve this ensuring every possible measure is taken to provide a clean safe environment should be at the top of every operator’s list of criteria.
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