Professor Greg Whyte OBE, former Olympic athlete and one of the World’s leading Sports Scientists advised
“… an improvement in air quality will lead to enhanced performance and productivity and a reduction in absenteeism.”

Adequate ventilation in all education environments is no longer just about preventing airborne viruses like COVID-19. Air pollution is now being recognised as having a far more detrimental on health than was previously acknowledged and is now cited as the fourth major cause of death by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Air pollution also triggers and aggravates conditions such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, and heart and lung diseases; sleep, mental health and concentration levels are also adversely affected. Opening doors and windows for ‘fresh’ air is not the solution and will often only serve to chill your pupils and staff and raise energy bills.

The UK’s increasingly poor air quality means that in many parts of the country it falls below the levels set by the WHO. 98% of London-based schools and a quarter of all English schools are in areas of high pollution.

Technology created by epidemiology scientists - GojiAir's focus is ensuring that schools are safe and comfortable for students and staff:

GojiAir's Products:

Responding to ever-changing directives and criteria has been a mammoth undertaking for the Education sector. Nevertheless, teachers and staff have done an extraordinary job in rising to the challenges imposed by the pandemic.

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But, we now understand more about how to control the virus ...

COVID-19 has highlighted just how transmissible airborne viruses are, even in the cleanest environments.

The importance of a constant clean air flow was identified in the Far East during the SARS epidemic twenty years ago, and we now know that this is vital in the fight against COVID-19.

GojiAir systems offer medical-grade air filtration providing reassurance to your staff and students that their health and wellbeing is the highest priority.

Reduced absenteeism due to illness will in turn lead to improved productivity and better results.
As well as supporting COVID-safe measures, Goji products provide outstanding defence against air pollution, recognised as the 4th biggest killer in UK with over 40,000 deaths per annum, and sited by The World Health Organisation as one of the biggest threats to public health of our time.

Research in the US reports that schools that installed air purification systems recorded improved cognitive function in their students, and a lower rate of absence due to illness, especially in respiratory conditions such as asthma. In the British press earlier this year it was suggested that the installation of air filters in schools could ‘boost grades and improve learning as much as cutting a class size by a third’.

We understand that budgets can be tight and finding the funds to support an initiative even as fundamental as this can be a challenge, so we are making our equipment available for as little as 50p per day per unit that is more than off-set by lower absenteeism and reduced heating costs.

“An environment free from airborne viruses can be the difference between a school remaining open or having to close due to a lack of teaching staff or pupils. The cost to society is too high not to include every possible measure to protect all indoor areas.”
Professor Greg Whyte OBE
Can you really afford to be without GojiAir Purifying Technology?
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