Staff and customer confidence were seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the hospitality industry desperately needs to regain lost ground. In striving to achieve this ensuring every possible measure is taken to provide a clean safe environment should be at the top of every operator’s list of criteria.

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Developed in the aftermath of SARS

Developed in Hong Kong in the aftermath of the SARS epidemic twenty years ago, NCCO technology is widely used throughout the region, and is now available to British businesses, enabling the hospitality industry to reduce the risks associated with contaminated or polluted air.

GojiAir has a suite of patented products developed by epidemiology scientists and produce medical-grade air purification by removing up to 99.95% germs and bacteria, including airborne viruses like COVID-19 and seasonal flu.

Multi-Stage Air Purification

Our products incorporate a four- stage process of air purification - minimising pollutants and odours and converting them through active oxygen and our unique NCCO technology into harmless substances. They are also eco-friendly by virtue of having no contaminated filters to return to landfill.

They are simple to operate, highly effective and through the production of clean safe air your guests may also benefit from improved sleep quality and an extra layer of protection against a host of allergies, and respiratory conditions like asthma.

Clear Benefits

The benefits are clear and offer the advantage of being able to promote your business as providing a significant additional layer of protection and reassurance to guests, staff and visitors, it also makes sound financial sense because of its ability to reduce heating and ventilation costs, reduce levels of absenteeism and improve turnaround times on rooms.

Furthermore, it can be used as a trade-up, earning a premium on room rates through offering it as an in-room service.

Installing GojiAir puts you a step ahead of any legislation to include air filtration as standard in your industry and allows you to start capitalising on ‘clean air’ status ahead of competitors.

And, if you wish to offer units for sale to your customers, we will facilitate order fulfilment and pay commission on all sales generated.

Can you really afford to be without GojiAir Purifying Technology?
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