“An environment free from airborne viruses and pollutants has to be the target for any indoor area, but where elderly or vulnerable are concerned, and with the added dangers that have recently transformed our lives, it is more critical than ever. The cost to society is too high not to include every possible measure to protect all indoor areas.”


Increased Risk of
Viruses & Pollutants

COVID-19 and airborne viruses like seasonal flu pose a far greater risk to the elderly, the infirm and the clinically vulnerable. And, while the majority of residential establishments have robust sanitisation routines in place, the pandemic has demonstrated just how transmissible airborne viruses can be, even in the cleanest environments.

Add to this that the UK’s increasingly poor air quality means that in many parts of the country it falls below the levels set by the WHO. and a quarter of all English care homes are in areas of high pollution.

Increasingly detrimental to our health

Adequate ventilation is no longer just about preventing airborne viruses like COVID-19.

Air pollution is now being recognised as having a far more detrimental on health than was previously acknowledged and is now cited as the fourth major cause of death by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Air pollution also triggers and aggravates conditions such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, and heart and lung diseases; sleep, mental health and concentration levels are also adversely affected.​

Opening doors and windows for ‘fresh’ air is not the solution and will often only serve to chill your pupils and staff and raise energy bills.​
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Medical-Grade Air Purification

GojiAir has a suite of patented products developed by epidemiology scientists and produce medical grade air purification by neutralising up to 99.95% germs and bacteria, including airborne viruses like COVID-19 and seasonal flu.

Our products incorporate a four-stage process of air purification - minimising pollutants and odours and converting them through active oxygen and our unique NCCO technology into harmless substances.

They are also eco-friendly by virtue of having no contaminated filters to return to landfill. They are simple to operate, highly effective and both purchase and running costs are low.

Clear Benefits

The benefits are clear and offer the advantage of being able to promote your business as providing a significant additional layer of protection and reassurance to guests, staff and visitors.

It also makes sound financial sense due to its ability to reduce heating and ventilation costs as well as reduce levels of staff absenteeism.
Putting you a step ahead of any legislation to include air filtration as standard within residential care, install GojiAir as part of your 'Health & Safety' policy now and start reaping the benefits immediately.
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