Hong Kong
International Airport

The Problem

The public toilets in the passenger terminals within Hong Kong International Airport are used by millions of people every day.

Due to the high usage and the nature of the facility they caused a huge, rather smelly problem.

They expelled a strong odour that impacted passengers and nearby businesses which were forced to relocate due to zero footfall.

Hong Kong International Airport 003
The Solution – NCCO

Approximately 300 NCCO air purifiers were installed in 108 public restrooms in Passenger Terminal 1.

This dramatically reduced the concentration of ammonia, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and bacteria in the air,  producing an immediately noticeable improvement in the Air Quality.

Additionally, it made commercial sense due to the lower operational costs as a result of the reduced energy consumption required for air-conditioning and extraction.

Today, the previously vacant plots adjacent to the restrooms now have thriving businesses operating in them.

GojiAir Units - Air Purification
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