The Really Fine
Leisure Company

The Problems

  • Due to the impact of COVID-related restrictions, RFL found that member confidence in returning to its Clubs was at an all time low
  • Despite putting in place social distancing measures, protective screens, one-way systems and daily anti-viral fogging, RFL were concerned about their airflow and also how safe the air was
  • Members and staff were feeling nervous about returning back to the Clubs after the COVID restrictions were eased, despite Government guidance to open windows in order to increase ventilation

The Solution – GojiAir

GojiAir installed just over 80 units across RFL’s sites with a mix of floor standing and ceiling mounted units.

Having initially communicated the plan to their 200 employees the response was overwhelming with 100% of their employees returning on the first day of reopening.

An incredibly positive response was received from members with 75% returning on the first day of reopening, they couldn’t have been happier.


The measures put in place by RFL have meant that as of December 2021 RFL have not had a single case of COVID-19 transmitted in any of their sites since reopening April.

Simple things have made such a difference to the member experience, such as the odours associated with a health and leisure facility are no longer present.

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