Yan Chai Hospital,
Hong Kong

The Problem – Air Circulation

Patients, visitors and staff were concerned that the premium positioning of this home for elderly residents was negatively impacted by unpleasant odours and a stifled environment.

Complaints of insufficient air circulation, and concerns over the general hygiene of the facilities were commonplace.

As a result of these concerns, many residents were moved to different care homes which had a negative impact on the business.

Yan Chai 001

The Solution – NCCO

NCCO units were installed which quickly and effectively improved air quality and the public’s negative perception of poor air in the centre. This also lead to a general improvement in the residents’ experience throughout their environment.

As a result of these initiatives ‘Yan Chai Hospital Jockey Club Care & Attention Home’ was awarded an IAQ Certificate of Excellence from the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.

Yan Chai 003
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